The importance of having a Website

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At last count there are approximately 2 billion people using the Internet. That is billion with a “B”. The Internet is not going away so if your not utilizing this tool to generate sales or cultivate leads you are really doing or business or organization a disservice. It isn’t as simple as creating a website however. The days of just purchasing a website domain and putting your phone number or contact information has passed. People expect to have a dynamic experience when the go to your website. This is your digital storefront and it should be colorful along with informative. If you don’t have great photos or graphics more than likely your potential customer will move on to another site. You need to think about what your customer will be looking for. Do you think they would want a rough quote to see if your service is within their budget? Maybe they would want to see examples of your work to see if you can actually do the job you claim you can. For others if you offer automatic billing that is a great draw so they don’t have to remember to go and pay a recurring bill.



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