Automation and you

Henry Ford once said it is been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste. In this day and age why should you waste any time by typing or even doing anything when you can have automation right at your side? There are many great applications out there such as if this then that HootSuite and many others that allow you to get your social media on track and automated with schedule reminders and schedule tasks taken care of for you. A large majority of these applications are free however some have a minimal fee. You can even utilize different applications to automatically invoice your customers.
One of my favorite automation applications is MailChimp this allows you to automatically email your customers on a set schedule or onset events. Depending on how many people you email on your email lists the service could be free or has a minimal charge.
The services are so useful Wilmer web design would be more than happy to set up your own automated tier system

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